Info / Dispatch Towing – saving the aircraft engines’ resources and fuel

Dispatch Towing – saving the aircraft engines’ resources and fuel

Scientifically industrial enterprise “Aviaspecmash” is working in progress and invites interested enterprises to cooperate in the application of the ATC Hercules produced by our enterprise for Dispatch Towing that is towing of loaded aircrafts at the significant speed from the passenger terminals up to the flight landing strip and after the landing up to the passenger terminals or the parking areas. It allows to minimize engine working time on the ground and for the aircraft machinery operators to achieve significant economy of the engines’ resource and fuel.

The most difficult technical task within this area is controlling and limitation of the towing periodic load onto the aircraft nose strut and plane frame. It has been solved thanks to the Hercules Aircraft Towing Complex

by crating the active measurement system and load controlling of the aircraft nose strut integrated into the controlling tow tractor and allowing to prevent extra loading including acceleration, braking and turnings.

On the basis of the pilot operation of TaxiBot which is the only tow tractor in the world accredited by aircraft manufacturers for Dispatch Towing (the project Aerospace industries), the average cost of plane coming out onto the runway can be reduced by Dispatch Towing by 66% (for A-320 and B -737).

With the cost of TaxiBot more than 2 million euros, its integration into the ground handling structure immediately gives the economic effect on the territory of the airport for more than 5 minutes and the payback period is 1.5- 2 years.

Taking into account the cost of the ATC Hercules similar indicators for it will be less than 1.5 minutes and 0.5 years. In comparison it is necessary to underline that at the International airport Sheremetievo the towing time consists of approximately 20 minutes.