Aircraft Towing Complex “Hercules”

The effective machinery for towing aircrafts

About the company

Scientifically industrial enterprise “Aviaspecmash”

The leading innovative enterprise of the specialized engineering

This enterprise was established with the United Joint Stock company “Engineering Factory “Arsenal” participation with the aim of creating and introducing modern aircraft ground handling facilities to the Russian and world markets.

Nowadays the range of the high-tech HERCULES aircraft towing machinery with the high-quality production on the highest world standards has been created and is being broadened. The machinery is for the hardest conditions of the Russian operation and it is provided by available, operative and inexpensive maintenance.

The series production

The series production is realized at the enterprises of the ARSENAL group of companies which have great experience and wide opportunities in development and production of the complex equipment, space and military machinery.




Allows to save the area of sheds, parking lots and production halls thanks to the aircraft space-saving.


Automatic aircraft fixation as well as the absence of transfer necessity, service and keeping different kinds of carriers qualitatively increases the efficiency of ground handling.

Less demanding for
the covering

Сomfortable towing with low quality of the apron covering

The vertical impacts on the aircraft nose strut are absorbed by the tow suspension, the longitudinal twitching is decreasing because of the aircraft partly loading.

costs reduction

Towbarless tractors have a significantly lower weight, which reduces fuel consumption.

in winter conditions

Because of transferring aircraft weight from the aircraft nose strut to the tow tractor the considerable increase of the towing characteristics is achieved.

Economic justification
Time reduction of the
towing operations up to 70%
Reduction of the
operating costs up to 50%
The economy of the sheds
and parking lots areas up to 30 %
ATC Hercules

Diesel tow TRACTOR Hercules

For towing aircraft weighing
up to 200 tons

HERCULES Aircraft Towing Complex Hercules is certificated in accordance with the state standard specification “Ground handling facilities for civil aircraft and helicopters” and demands of the International Aircraft Association IATA.

Order Hercules Aircraft Towing Complex until December 30 on special conditions:
  • Insurance of the commodity producer’s responsibility with aircraft towing surety limit 65million rubles
  • Extended warranty (3 years)
  • Maximum service discounts
  • Test operation before the purchase
  • Considering the individual customer’s wishes with the technical requests and during the exploitation process, unlimited technical consultations
We are waiting for your requests to the following issues:
  • request of the commercial offer, certificates etc.
  • tow truck rent
  • test pilot operation
  • assistance in purchase financing (preferential leasing, subsidies etc.)

and spare parts

Technical support

We provide maintenance tow tractors as well as guarantee the supply of spare parts. The hotline is open 24 hours 7 days a week . Our enterprise realizes the tow tractors operation at its place of work.

Contact details
We are waiting for your requests to the following issues:
  • Service and spare parts
  • Consultations on issues arising during operation
  • Tow tractors rent
  • Test pilot operation
  • Request of the commercial offer
  • Request of the certificates etc..
  • Assistance in purchase financing (preferential leasing, subsidies etc.)