About the company


Scientifically industrial enterprise “Aviaspecmash”

The leading innovative enterprise of the specialized engineering

This enterprise was established with the United Joint Stock company “Engineering Factory “Arsenal” participation with the aim of creating and introducing modern aircraft ground handling facilities to the Russian and world markets.

Nowadays the range of the high-tech HERCULES aircraft towing machinery with the high-quality production on the highest world standards has been created and is being broadened. The machinery is for the hardest conditions of the Russian operation and it is provided by available, operative and inexpensive maintenance.

The series production

The series production is realized at the enterprises of the ARSENAL group of companies which have great experience and wide opportunities in development and production of the complex equipment, space and military machinery.

Contact details
We are waiting for your requests to the following issues:
  • Service and spare parts
  • Consultations on issues arising during operation
  • Tow tractors rent
  • Test pilot operation
  • Request of the commercial offer
  • Request of the certificates etc..
  • Assistance in purchase financing (preferential leasing, subsidies etc.)