High-tech electrical tow tractor with independent all-wheel drive for towing aircraft weighing up to 100 tons will provide savings in operating costs, as well as maneuvering aircraft in confined spaces (production halls, sheds). It is universal means of machinery and has no direct analogues of foreign production.
For towing aircraft weighing
up to 100 tons

HERCULES Aircraft Towing Complex is certificated in accordance with the state standard specification “Ground handling facilities for civil aircraft and helicopters” and demands of the International Aircraft Association IATA.

At the customer’s request the quality control can be carried out by quality control department or military acceptance.

Tax benefits and grants of the innovative centre Skolkovo give the opportunity to decrease prices and produce competitive products.

Minimization of the products cost and maintenance costs due to import substitution and localization of production.

All wheel drive system

Perfect draft and adhesive characteristics the all wheel and draft system control (Anti-towing etc.)

Comfortable air-conditioned cabin

180° rotation of the driver's workplace

180° rotation of the driver's workplace, increasing the efficiency and safety of work

Automatic chassis hooking device

Eliminates the possibility the aircraft nose strut damage due to:

  • oversteering aircraft nose strut control by ultimate effort giving out warning and emergency signal
  • towing capacity control according to the type of aircraft
  • compensation of the aircraft nose strut longitudinal angle of inclination
  • performance of the hitching /uncoupling process of the aircraft is controlled by the ATC safety system

The full model Hercules Aircraft Towing Complex is protected by the patent and represents the combination of the engineering solutions which allow to create the towing tractor with unique performance characteristics.

Main technical characteristics of the ATC Hercules 100 E

Maximum weight of the Aircraft Towing 100,000kg
Overall size L*W*H 5620/2540/940 mm
Curb weight 6500 kg
Ground clearance 150 mm
Maximum speed 15 km/h
Maximum towing capacity 55kN
Engine Four electric motors 4*160 Hm,4*35 kW, 80 V
Driving gear All wheel, independent
Battery type LifePO4 80 V 1200 Ah
Power reserve on one charge 60 km
Fixing and lifting aircraft device hydraulic
Brake system hydraulic + recuperation
Steering system hydraulic
Cabin three variants of performance
Driver-operator seat rotates 180°
Operation temperature range -40 °C to +45°C

Now we are working on making ATC Hercules 100E available for order in the near future.

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